Scorpio Tattoo Designs "Scorpio Scorpion Tattoo Ideas"

Scorpio Tattoo Designs "Scorpio Scorpion Tattoo Ideas"

Scorpio tattoo designs vary between the deadly scorpion and the glyph, which looks like the letter M that has a stinging arrow or tail to the right. This arrow or tail signifies the tail of a scorpion. Often these tattoos are in black but you can find some with stunning colors and shades of reds and blacks.

Tattoo designs of scorpions

The zodiac dates for the Scorpio are between Oct 24th and Nov 22nd. If you were born between these dates than a scorpion may be the next tattoo for you. People choose the venomous scorpion because of either their birth date or their attitude and personality.

Masculine Tattoos

Large tattoos on men often represent the fearsome design for their attitude “Don’t mess with me” A popular design for tattoos especially the black scorpion and red scorpion designs can be a sign of deadly menace and aggression is common in many cultures. Many cultures wear the Scorpio tattoo designs as a symbol of protection.

Feminine Tattoo Designs

The small designs on women may represent a deadly attitude of “I may be small but can be deadly” These tattoos are often seen on a women’s lower leg just above the ankle, on her back and on the arm.

This design is also easy to have inked onto your body because it’s generally only one or two colors so the tattooing time is shorter as there’s no need to switch between colors. The areas of the arms, shoulder and back are the most popular spots for a Scorpio tattoo on the body.

Scorpion ink designs come from many sources and there are thousands of websites offering free designs. But do your research before settling on any one design. There are many free sites that offer designs but before you consider one of these sites think of how many other people already have these Scorpio tattoo designs.

Scorpion tattoos designs come from many sources and there are thousands of websites offering free sites. Just because someone can draw a beautiful picture does not mean they can design stunning and impressive flash.

Consider all options open to you, all types of Scorpio tattoos and choose something you will be happy with, not just for today but forever. Decide and have the design and colors all chosen before you even head out to the tattoo parlor, don’t make a spur of the moment decision. Your tattoo will be with you the rest of your life.

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