Libra Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

When it comes down to choosing a tattoo, it is always a good idea to stick with something you can use to symbolize the person you are. From your first tattoo to your 35th, using your zodiac sign as a template for your next tattoo is always a good idea.

Your zodiac sign is the largest part of your personality and characteristics, and in part it paints a picture of who you are. If you’re a Libra you focus your life on creating balance and justice in the world, hence the Libra symbol: The Scales, which gives you so many options for Libra Tattoos.

There are so many directions you can go when it comes to choosing Libra tattoos that includes your Libra heritage. You could go with something simple such as; Yin & Yang, Peace Signs, Cheech & Chong, Fozi & Kermit, Celtic knots, or simply having Libra spelt out in fine letters. If you want to be a bit more creative you could have ‘the scales’ drawn out with a Celtic knot looping in and out of it. You could also take the eastern astrological symbol of your zodiac sign and have that be the ‘main’ part of your Libra tattoo and have the sun and moon around it with something to tie them together.

If you are a deep to the heart Libra, you could always have a big artistic rendition of the angst of love and hate, or light and dark, or negative and positive, or any such abstract idea. Libra’s are known for their love of unique things and this would be a great way to show off that part of you in your Libra Tattoos.

No matter what you choose, just remember that Libra tattoos should in actuality represent the person you are. As long as you remember that, then the only thing left is to do a little research about your Libra sign, research design options, and get inked up!

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