Mercury Libra Tattoo

Mercury Libra Tattoo

Mercury libra tattoohas been in retrograde since last week on September 7 and will continue do so until September 29. As if September has not already been busy enough with major celestial events, with Mercury and Pluto changing direction and the perfection Saturn-Uranus opposition, Mercury-rx now slips back to Aries Point in Libra from 11:40 p.m. Eastern on September 16 until the following day at 11:25 p.m., after which he re-enters Virgo.

During this time, Mercury-rx is in conflict with Pluto, who is also at Aries Point and now moving direct for about a week. Our minds (Mercury) are sharp with logic (Libra) that penetrates through lies to arrive at truths (Pluto). We are better able to focus, concentrate deeply. Our words may be insensitive and hurtful, which might make it easy to get frustrated and angered. Let's keep that in mind when speaking or if offended. With Pluto in play, we may be required to do some investigation/research into a situation that holds importance to us. Be prepared for what may be revealed. Changing our minds about something that's been established may also be required.

Elsewhere in the sky, the Virgo-Sun (ego/potential) blends energies with Saturn (structure/reality) and seeks balance with Uranus (radical change), reinforcing the Aries Point energy surrounding these two days. We are made aware of our ambition, hopes, and dreams as well as our realities and the restrictions that comes with our current situations, all the while brainstorming on how we might be able to push past the challenges and move closer to achieving our goals.

Perhaps, what will be revealed or revisited now involve issues surrounding our future goals and what may be required to achieve them -- sacrifice? commitment? hard work? endings?

Mercury governs how we think and communicate (verbal, non-verbal or written), commerce, and short travels. In Libra, Mercury is social, friendly, and requires understanding both sides on any situation before making any judgements or decisions. At best, Mercury in Libra is fair-minded, charming, and diplomatic. At worst, indecisive, gullible, and indulgent.

When Mercury-rx returns to zero degree of Libra, he retraces his steps from August 25 and 26. Issues and events on or around those days may resurface now -- unresolved issues may find resolutions or closure now; perhaps a situation warrants a second look; a plan, reformulation; an agreement, amended; and the like.

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