Libra Gay Dating


Libra Gay Dating

If your dating a Libra male, you are probably dating a bottom … or is he a top? Confused yet? Don’t worry, he is too. Libra’s have the ability to see both sides of any fence so if he’s a submissive Misses one day, then an aggressive Mr. the very next, you are in love with the Libra Man.

Libra men are turned on by all things beauty and need their surroundings to be comfortable at all times. A dirty towel or crooked picture hanging on the wall, can put your male lover in a state of distress all day long. He may not even realize why he is out of balance so to keep your Libra Lover cooing, please keep an immaculate home environment. Preferably something that looks like a Z Gallery showroom. Working out at the gym and regular male grooming will seal the deal for this Lover of the Zodiac.

Is he worth all the trouble? Take a look at your gorgeous Libra Adonis and you already know the answer. Libra males came up with the word Metro-sexual and they will spend hours working on their gorgeous bodies and youthful twink faces.

Libra’s are usually in it for the long haul. So if your looking for a hit it and quit it affair, tread carefully with this one. A Libra lover scorned will bring out that not so nice tude.
Best gay matches for Libra men are Libra, Aries and Gemini.

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