Scorpio Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Scorpio tattoos are often dark, mysterious and sensual; rightly so, as these are some of the major personality traits of the eighth sign of the zodiac. The two most popular designs are the glyph — which looks much like an ‘M’ with an elongated and pointed right side, thus signifying the legs and venomous tail of the scorpion. Or the literal translation of a dark and angry looking scorpion, ready to strike at any moment.

Scorpio Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Some people may also choose to delve into the mythology of this sign for their Scorpio tattoos. Scorpio appears in many myths. However, the most well known is Scorpius, who was said to be a scorpion that was called by the goddess Hera, rose from the ground and killed Orion. In many tales, Scorpio is also associated with the Lord of the Underworld. A fantastic design can be created by using these strange and vivid stories.

Given the menacing appearance of scorpions, it is not surprising that many Scorpio tattoos should take on the same appearance. By adding other images to symbolize the fearsome nature of these creatures, it is easy to symbolize the many shades that make up the Scorpio individual. For instance, a scorpion surrounded by flames, to signify this sign’s passionate nature, or adding other elements of importance to the wearer to show the pride that most Scorpios feel in themselves.

Most Scorpio tattoos are done in blacks and reds. However, you can easily add a good deal of color. One interesting idea is the robotic scorpion which can be done in any color, and given a metallic appearance. You can also give the appearance of an alien. Given that these creatures have a naturally otherworldly look, you can create an inventive scene of a green or gray Scorpio roaming Pluto’s icy surface (Pluto being the ruling planet of Scorpio).

Scorpio tattoos are fascinating for the fact that they not only express the astrological sign of their wearer, but express the daring, intense and creative nature of Scorpio itself.

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