Pisces Tattoos Designs – A Permanent Reminder

Pisces Tattoos Designs – A Permanent Reminder

Those born between February 20th and March 20th have the Astrological tropical zodiac sign of Pisces(Pisces Tattoo Designs). The zodiac is a representation of the celestial coordinate system. Ancient scholars were convinced that a person’s birth date would represent the person they were to become, due to the alignment of the stars and constellations in the solar system. There is an annual cycle of twelve areas along the path of the sun across our galaxy, passing by constellations and stars, dividing the elliptical into the twelve celestial longitudes. The sun, during its annual cycle, is aligned differently with other planets in our galaxy on a daily; similarly with other stars or constellations. In astrology, it is thought that the position of the planets, stars, and sun on your birth unify you with others born at the same time period, by sharing personality characteristics.

As Pisceans we’re the most gullible of signs and therefore the most likely to get ripped off. We’re honest people & therefore wrongly presume that everyone else on the planet is too. Unfortunately we only usually find out; too late, that the contrary is true and we’re then left with inferior goods or services.


For Pisceans the characteristics commonly seen are varied. Traditionally they are creative, perceptive, kindhearted, giving, insightful, idealistic, and secretive. Some say they are weak willed and easily led, but others say they are sympathetic and intuitive. The general consensus, however, is that they possess a gentle and generous demeanor. They are never egotistical and they give more than they ask for. They often find themselves walked over and taken advantage of in personal relationships, and in other ways.

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