Zodiac Tattoos : Aries Tattoos

Aries is a fire element sign, and is ruled by the planet Mars. Often,it is linked to the ancient Greek legend of the Golden Fleece. The god Zeus was said to have a ram whose fleece was made of gold. The ram was sacrificed to save human lives. The fleece was left behind on earth to serve as a reminder of Zeus’s kindness, while the spirit of the ram was set into the stars of the sky.

aries tattoosBlack Tribal Aries Tattoos painted on hand

tribal aries zodiac tattoosTribal Aries Tattoos painted on upper back

tribal aries zodiac tattoosBlack and White Tribal Aries Tattoos on flash

red aries tattoosSmall red aries tattoos painted on beautiful back body

aries tattoosBlack Aries Tattoos painted foot beautiful girl

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