Capricorn Tattoo - Scale High & Drown Low

capricorn tattoo design imagesCapricorn Tattoo - Scale High & Drown Low

picture of capricorn tattoo designCapricorn placed tenth in line of the zodiac signs, is portrayed as a combination of goat and fish. Capricorn is an earth mark, with the planet Saturn ruling it.

There are many tales behind this sun sign. One tale talk about Pan, the god of men was half man and half goat physically. While trying to help the ugly spirit Typhoon in escaping, Pan dived in the river, where his upper half turned into a goat and lower rest into a fish.

So, for the ambitious, organized and the healthy personalities, Capricorn tattoo is just meant for you. So scale the mountain and sink in the void and wear the Capricorn tattoo with pride.

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