Pisces Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Pisces is the sign of creativity and imagination, among other things, and a tattoo of the twelfth astrological sign should reflect that. The Pisces sign is usually represented by a pair of fish swimming in two opposite directions, though bound together by a single cord. The imagery is used to symbolize the struggle that Pisces can often find themselves in, as though they are constantly being pulled in two opposite directions at once, trying to reconcile two halves of the same whole. These fish are sometimes in a yin and yang formation, the tail of one in the face of the other and vice versa, and a Pisces tattoo could play off of this idea. A Pieces tattoo design could feature one black fish, the other white, and their eyes the corresponding color of their twin, incorporating both astrology and Chinese philosophy in one tattoo design.

If you want to go the more traditional route, Pisces tattoos of the astrological symbol itself—the “H”—could also be fitting. With two crescent moons facing outward, connected a horizontal line, the symbol represents the two fish, swimming in opposite direction, though still connected by their solitary string.

But there’s still more to do with Pisces tattoos than just a pair of fish forever chasing the tail of one another. This is the sign of creativity and imagination, after all. Pisces is a water sign, and one of the four mutable signs—meaning that Pisces straddles two seasons; winter and spring. Again, this shows the Pisces’s tendency towards duality and the reconciliation of two different hemispheres within a single entity, such as the cold, finality of winter contrasted with the rebirth and life of spring. Images of swirling waves, snowflakes transitioning into flowers, the bursting colors of spring, or even just a the Pisces symbol could all be used as ideas for Pisces tattoos, even mix and matched if you choose to do so.

The sign is also associated with the water lily flower and the gemstones amethyst, cat’s eye, bloodstone, aquamarine, moonstone and emerald. The colors of the Pisces often lean towards those of the sea, aquamarines and teals and light blues, and Pisces tattoos could incorporate these colors.

Pisces tattoos should embody your personality, whatever it may be. Make your tattoo incorporate the images and symbols that best represent you.

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