Libra Tattoos Pictures Designs tattoos are often chosen by natives of this sign that governs the calendar from September 22nd and October 24th. The love of beauty and harmony, are two of the strongest motivations for this Venus ruled sign. The planet of love, wealth and romance shines on Libra, giving both men and women a romantic and sensual nature.

Libra Tattoos Pictures Designs

Unlike the other zodiac signs represented by a living creature, Libra tattoos incorporate the scales of balance. This symbol has been adopted by the legal profession from its use in the sculpture of blindfolded “Lady Justice.” It is a popular tattoo for its versatility and meanings.

Libra tattoos can be designed simply with the standard glyph: two short horizontal lines with the top line having a half circle in the center, similar to an equal sign, representing the need for harmony in life for these individuals.

Libra Tattoos Pictures Designs

It is common to see this glyph stylized with flowers or with cultural influences such as Celtic or Asian take on the design. Because the scale is understood globally to represent justice, this symbol is often used inLibra tattoos instead of the standard glyph.

The glyph can be combined with other elements to enhance its meaning. Banners with text such as “Peace” make a powerful statement without the wearer saying a word.Libra tattoos are unique and have a strong recognition as an astrological symbol. The scale and the meaning in Libra tattoos is one that is suitable for anyone, regardless of their birth date.

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