Aries Ram Tattoo "Aries Zodiac Tattoos"
Aries Ram Tattoo "Aries Zodiac Tattoos"

Aries Ram tattoo designs are very interesting and varied. Before deciding on any one in particular think about what the symbols represent and what you want to say with your ink design.

  • Dates are (from April 15th to May 15th) and the sign is of the Ram and the “Y” glyph.
  • Colors - The most harmonious color for them are all shades of red crimson, rose, and pink.
  • Stones - The birthstones for this period of the Aries are rubies, garnets, and the bloodstones.
  • The glyph - The glyph is a simple Y or V shape with a bit of a tail. This shape can be delicate and feminine or thick and masculine. The color is usually black but you will often find the color of red used.
  • The Ram - The Ram represents leadership, wisdom, strength and courage, and the Aries never let anything get in their way when they have their mind set on something.
  • Aries tattoo designs - Aries Ram tattoo designs are many different and various images of a ram.

Most Aries tattoos are large and colorful, often times depicting its character of the ram, the glyph symbol Aries are known for being bold, confident and adventurous, so it is not surprising that the Aries tattoos stand out in size and boldness.

Women often use often flowers and wings in the design of the Y or the Aries glyph. You can find vines of flowers intertwined around the Y for a colorful and interesting tattoo.

Swords and daggers coming from the Y are often found on the men. The ram, which is the symbol that represents this zodiac sign, is also one of the most popular designs for a strong and bold personality.

The Ram tattoo and the Y or glyph symbol for Aries can be found both in small and huge images. The Ram is represented as energetic, courageous, freedom loving, impatient or quick tempered so the more dramatic and fearsome Ram is usually used for this ink.

The Aries tattoo designs are easily available online and a great way to get ideas and find your flash design. Take a little time to look around and you will find plenty of sources of quality and free tattoo patterns to give you some ideas of the Aries tattoo designs you seek.

You will find huge Ram images covering the entire back of men and smaller delicate rams or the Y on the wrist or ankle of women. They are found on the back, neck, wrist and ankle most often for both men and women.
Aries Ram Tattoo "Aries Zodiac Tattoos"

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