Gemini Tattoo Art "Tattoo of a Gemini Sign"

Gemini Tattoo Art "Tattoo of a Gemini Sign"

A Gemini tattoo of a sign often used for the birthdays and sisters; if you were born from May 22 to June 21 then this zodiac ink would be for you. Or you may want to consider a loved one that was born during this period. A tattoo for this sign would be a great memorial to him or her. For instance, in memory of your mother, father, sister, brother, child or friend that has passed on.

A memorial tattoo sign should be something a bit different. So why not incorporate other information that goes with this sign? Don't just go to the tattoo shop and spend a few minutes glancing at what they have in their portfolios. These ideas are the same tattoos everyone has used.

A hasty decision could soon be a regretted decision after it is all done and over. Yes you can get some great ideas this way. But think outside the box. Pick a few you really like, combine them, add some of the information about the Gemini symbol to give it a different appearance.

Tattoo of a Gemini sign

Here are some interesting facts that can help you incorporate ideas of different ways of designing your zodiac ink. For something a bit different than just the common sign, here is some more information on the Gemini.

The Colors: silver, gray, yellow, orange, green,

The Day: Wednesday

The Flowers: marigold, orchid, rose

The Gemstone: agate
You could make the tattoo of a Gemini sign in the colors of silver, gray, yellow, orange, or green. Or you could have a yellow marigold, and in the center of the marigold, orchid or rose have the tribal or Roman numeral II.

Zodiac symbol tattoos

As the tattoo of this sign is nothing more than the Roman numeral II but now the artist can vary this in many interesting ways for a flash that is uniquely yours. Also if you are either a Gemini or a twin sister this may be just could be the tattoo you are looking for.

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, and it is an air sign, which means that they are adaptable and intelligent. So an air blast or tornado could also represent your tattoo.

It is a good idea when thinking of having a Gemini tattoo, to search for a design that you will be happy with and proud to show off. Not just another tattoo off the page that everyone is using.

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