Tattoo Lion - Leo Drawings
Lion symbols

When getting a new tattoo lion leo is always a popular choice. There is so much symbolism associated with the lion that almost anyone can find a reason to get one. The choices as well are extremely varied, tribal lions, the leo glyph, or even just the standard lion design can be done beautifully just about anywhere you choose.
Tattoo lion Leo

If your birthday is between July 23 and August 22, then the Leo tattoo is perfect for you. Tribal lions are usually bold pieces done in a large area to show off the design. A tribal armband with a lion integrated into the design is a very popular choice. As is the full tribal back piece dedicated to the king of the beasts.
Lion designs

The lion has been featured prominently in many cultures. The great sphinx in Egypt is a wonderful depiction of the lion and translates incredibly well into the tattoo art form. The Tibetans have a pair of snow lions on their flag. These lions are beautiful when tattooed with a Tibetan design. A very popular tattoo is the Fu dog from China. These protect the humans from evil spirits in the Chinese culture. The Fu dog can be seen in many designs and they almost always have a representation of the earth under their right paw. Though almost endangered now, the once common Asiatic lion could be found throughout India. They are considered sacred by all Hindus. The emblem of India is three lions and would make an interesting piece of work.
Lion images

These majestic animals are also tattooed as part of a family crest or motif. The characteristics of pride, majesty, nobility, and loyalty to name a few, are supposed to reflect the character of the family. That I leave for you to decide. If you have decided to get a tattoo; lion, leo or any other depiction of this incredible animal, I hope you find the design that says exactly what you had in mind. Knowing why you are getting a tattoo and exactly what it means to you, ensures you will never regret it and will always enjoy your art.
Tattoo Lion - Leo Drawings

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